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How to see if You qualify for a babysitter?


Many parents sooner or later are faced with a very difficult problem. With whom to leave your favorite child? Especially sharply the question arises in families where there is no possibility of temporary transfer of educational functions of grandparents and aunts and numerous other relatives.

Here we come to the aid babysitter. How and where to choose a nanny?

For a start, parents can be determined with the aim of finding a babysitter for their family site. What we imply here? This can be, and time child care once a week, what would you after work quietly dropped by the store; and the constant presence of children with implementation of all educational and developmental functions. Because the requirements for these two categories of nannies can be very different.

The next step will be, as time is drawing up the requirements and wishes to the future of your nanny. It is better to make them according to two criteria - personal qualities, knowledge and skills that you would like to see in your Ā«substituteĀ» and totally unacceptable features. Whether your nanny to have a specialized education, any additional knowledge and skills, whether it would be a simple woman with glasses or good-natured girl. Try here come not only from your own desires, but from the needs of your child. For example, hyperactive kid should choose a nanny younger, therefore, more active and mobile, so she could always and everywhere for him to keep up. And it is worth considering that the age of a babysitter and her professional skills can greatly differ. For example, a 50-year old lady with great pedagogical experience quietly may give the kid yourself, taking up knitting. And later to read you a morality about how ashamed to throw the child to other people.

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