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How to communicate with the babysitter


Many mothers and invited to the interview of the candidates for the position of a «second mother»can not be defined with a choice and to understand, whether this or that person is right for their child. They do not know, by what criteria to choose a nanny, start to flounder in guesses and assumptions. As a result, the worker has in a short time to fire and re-traumatize the child's psyche child recruitment of the new nanny. How can you protect nerve cells and quickly see whether babysitter for your family?

When hiring a nanny to work well, think it, do you like this man. After all, you have to communicate with a nanny for a long time, and it is very important that between you had a relationship of trust and mutual sympathy.

If the nanny does not suit you in some matters, it is better to find out everything and to specify what to endure, and all bitchy about by everything.

No need to create additional problems for them in our lives and that is enough. If the nurse is not listening to your comments about the care and upbringing of the child, and makes all his own way, with such a nanny better to say goodbye. After all, the nurse must perform, first of all, parents ' requirements, not to impose their views. Every mother knows that you want it baby. It is also important to build relationships with your baby with a family member. The relationship must be trust and nothing more. All its requirements for child care should be amended politely and calmly, not raising his voice.

From the first day of work Babysitting try to make a schedule and keep an eye on the nanny to keep.

Besides, we need to solve, in what situations the nurse should ask your advice, and in which to act independently.

Often the child and Babysitting there are various conflicts, and you need them to be able to resolve successfully.

For good job nanny should be encouraged in the form of prizes and gifts. If you decided to dismiss the nurse, then do it without crying and recriminations. Work Babysitting difficult and requires constant improvement. The task of parents to create ultimate comfort for your child. Joint efforts of parents and nannies are key to a successful education of a baby.

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