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Raising a baby in your hands


As we have already identified a governess should not only look after the children but to do his upbringing and education. Of course, this should do from birth, so to speak, but closer to three years training toddler should spend more time.

Upbringing and education of a child can do and parents, but in most cases it is difficult for them to cope with this task. First, the parents a lot of their concerns, many of them work from morning till night. Secondly, in order to teach the child to have, if not a professional education, experience of work with children for sure. Of course, there are those parents who start training their children themselves and with pleasure learn this science from scratch. Read books on upbringing and education of young children, lead children to classes, and there sitting together on the practice and gain experience.

But such parents a little, not everyone has the talent and time. Here comes to the aid of a domestic worker who is already trained, has experience working with children and it is his professional activity.

We must remember that family work governess not exclude visits the child's school or kindergarten. Baby need experience of communication with peers and other adults. Another thing, no need to leave the kid in kindergarten for the whole day, it is not why or even harmful. For the whole day in the kindergarten, the child is very tired.
The best option when the governess takes the baby from the garden after dinner, and this continues NAPs house, classes, trips, and so on.

Many parents record of the child in a children's club or school, and the governess just takes the little baby in there.

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